Reality TV

I’ve been trying to break my reality TV addiction but it seems that for every show I’ve managed to stop watching, two more take its place. I won’t watch Fear Factor but tune in to Wife Swap religiously. I no longer watch Amazing Race, but just picked up The Contender. Even though it really pisses me off that I watch such mindless drivel, it attracts me just the same. I can’t help it, I’m fascinated with the way humans interact with each other when placed in bizarre, contrived situations. I like to wonder which Wife Swap couple will react/behave badly this week. Will it be the fundamentalist mom thrown in with the heavy metal family with tongue piercings? Or will it be the other way around? Lots of times I’m pleasantly surprised, but often wonder how I would react if put in a situation that went totally against my grain. I’m afraid it wouldn’t be pretty because I’m opinionated and pretty much think I’m right most of the time. But it makes me more aware of my reactions to other people which is my way of justifying this type of TV viewing. Better living through SuperNanny. OK, I don’t have any small children so there’s really no good reason to watch that show except I love the way she pronounces the word acceptable (as “asceptible”, not “ackceptible”) and her use of something called a Naughty Mat. Very British Dominatrix. Plus, she’s kind of plump so I admire that they let her even BE on TV, much less have her own show…


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