good things

Things I’m excited about (this doesn’t happen very often, usually this would be a list of Things I’m Pissed About)

1. My incredible boyfriend Ken just got us tickets to see David Sedaris, even though he’s not necessarily one of Sedarasis’ biggest fans. I, however, adore his writing and a chance to see him do a reading has been on my top 10 list for awhile.

2. Speaking of gay (you either got that reference or you didn’t – I’m not going to explain it), Ken also accompanied me to an art exhibit last Saturday entitled Nazi Persecution of Gays 1933-1945. I’m a fast reader, so I was about 5 minutes ahead of him and at one point I looked back and there was Ken, in the midst of a group of gay men, looking perfectly at ease. Not bad for a farm boy from western KS.

3. My 17-year old son conversed with me last night. Those of you without teenagers won’t understand the significance of that comment. Even though you were once a teenager, your perception of how you were is nothing like how you ACTUALLY were.


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