Will somebody PLEASE explain this to me???

Here are some things I don’t get.

1. What does steroird use by baseball players have to do with Congress? Why the hell are our elected representatives channeling Barbara Walters and making Mark McGuire cry on camera by asking him personal questions? You’d think that sports figures were personally responsible for affecting our GNP. Oops, I guess they are!

2. Why, oh why, is Molly Hatchet one of the top 5 “Search Movers” on MSN. Are they even still together, and if so, why would they EVER generate enough interest NATIONWIDE to hit in the top 5 search movers?

3. Why does ABC have a new show about the trials and tribulations of a BLIND POLICEMAN? Since when have blind people been eligible to be cops anyway? Isn’t that an occupation where being able to see would be kind of, oh let’s see, essential to doing the job??? And do we really want a blind policeman driving around in a Crown Victoria WITH A LOADED GUN, pissed off because somebody shot his eyes out? I think this is a really dumb idea.


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