5 questions

I was recently asked a series of 5 questions by Kat (OK, I begged her to interview me) and here are the results:

1. You’re 48 years old and worried about exercise because of weight gain. Damn! I was hoping that between now (I just turned 39) and the next nine years I would magically morph into a woman confident enoughin her own skin that she’s decided sporting a wider amount of said skin would be okay. (This is a longie – you might need to get a hot towel or something.) Are you telling me that THIS ISN’T TRUE??

Yes, one does tend to gain more confidence in their 40s and the inevitible weight gain isn’t really a problem – UNTIL – The Onset Of Menopause and the accompanying MidLife Crisis. The midlife crisis is the little voice inside your head that says “hey dammit, it’s not YOUR TIME TO DIE YET” and then the gene that tells women to worry about their appearance magically wakes up from its 5-10 year sleep. However, the sane part of your brain knows you’ll never look that good ever again and this keeps you from going totally mad.

2. Who are your favorite authors and what types of stories do youtend to enjoy the most?

Favorite authors: I just saw David Sedaris do a reading Wednesday night so I’d have to say humorous essayists turn me on. But I’m also on a Meg Wolitzer kick right now and she’s just a fabulous wordsmith and great storyteller. I like stories that examine relationships between people in a fairly deep way and absolutely adore John Updike. I like stuff that makes sense which is why I don’t read Virginia Wolfe. That’s probably a residual effect from the LSD I took in the 70s (HA HA!! That’s a JOKE, mom, OK???)

3. What music is it that sets your toe to tapping?

Music – this tends to be all over the place. I spent this morning listening to nothing but old Doors but yesterday listened to a bunch of Celia Cruz and stuff from Buena Vista Social Club.
So I like most everything except for pop music crap which makes me want to slap my hands on either side of my face and go ARGHHH.

4. Has the mailman ever caught you singing? (Surely this isn’t justa ‘me’ thing.)

Usually the mailman catches me sprawled out on the couch watching crappy afternoon TV if I happen to be home in the afternoon. He walks around with headphones on so sometimes I’ve caught HIM singing. Mailmen are weird, but nice.

5. Mel Gibson, Brad Pitt and George Clooney… Sorry – my mindwanders at times. Anyway, I see that you work only with men. Hasthis affected your opinion of men as a species in general?

Ah men…the men I work with are construction workers which are a breed of their own. Their sentences usually start with “I ain’t got no” and go downhill from there, so we’re not talking rocket scientists here. I’ve found that a good sense of humor is a real asset when you spend a lot of time around men. It also helps if you bring food frequently.

That’s it folks. If you’d like ME to interview YOU, let me know and I’ll think of 5 deep, thought-provoking questions to ask.



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