jeep thing

Driving home from work last Friday, I noticed the following sticker pasted to the window of the Jeep Cherokee in front of me: It’s a Jeep thing…you wouldn’t understand.

Being an unrepentent SUV-hater, I recoiled in disguest. “Could you be any more arrogant?”I wanted to shout.

Back home, I did an internet search and found this site which is aptly titled It’s a Jeep thing…you wouldn’t understand” which graphically illustrates a typical Jeep experience. Boy howdy, it sure looks like those folks are having some fun driving over big piles of rocks and into ditches and such! I personally can’t think of anything better than having my kidneys jarred over and over and over for hours on end as I destroy ecosystems with my vehicle. Cool!

In contrast, the jeep I saw on Friday was pretty and clean and fairly new and didn’t look anything like the Jeep pictured in the website. It also had two carseats strapped in the back. This vehicle had obviously never been off-road and I can’t imagine mommy & daddy taking their babies out forsome rip-snortin’ off-road fun, can you? So why the sticker?

All in all, I’d say the Jeep fanatics have it wrong. Every American knows exactly what it’s like to feel cultish devotion to name-brand products. We are a nation that virtually worships the name brand, and Jeep people do not possess some kind of secret knowledge the rest of us wouldn’t understand. I think I will get my own sticker. It will read: It’s an ecology thing…you Jeep assholes wouldn’t understand.


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