the anti-magnetic-support-ribbon magnetic support ribbon

Sorry I’ve been lax about keep up here but sometimes my brain shuts down. Here’s what I’ve been thinking about today (which was inspired by an article regarding the American Family Association’s boycott of Ford products because of their “support of a pro-gay agenda.”):

Not to be outdone by all those millions of cars and trucks out there sporting magnetic support ribbons (Support The Troops! Freedom Isn’t Free!!! God Bless the USA!!!! Go Chiefs!!!!!!!!!), I have gotten my very own ribbon for the Ford Focus (which still has its John Kerry for President sticker firmly attached). My ribbon says “Enough With The Ribbons.”

I thought you’d like that.

One day last school year my teenage son came home wearing a purple and pink support ribbon. When I asked him what it was for, he told me it was to show support for transgender students. Cool! And he’s still a heterosexual! I’m thinking of writing a letter to The American Family Association to let them know that, thankfully, another straight teen has resisted the siren call of homosexuality. I’m sure they’ll consider that quite an accomplishment, especially since his Kerry-lovin’ mother owns a pro-gay Ford product and displays an anti-magnetic-support-ribbon magnetic support ribbon.


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