Karen Palmer, Life Coach for the Unenthusiastic

Are you depressed? Bored? Or just naturally unenthusiastic?
Do you find others avoiding you or running the other way when you walk by?
Hire me, Karen Palmer, Life Coach for the Unenthusiastic
I can show you ways to fake certain emotions such as happiness, joy, and most importantly – enthusiasm. Plus, I can show you how to do it in ways that don’t appear false or insincere.
Now no one ever needs to know just how unenthusiastic or depressed you really are!
Let’s face, your friends, family and co-workers don’t really want to be around your depression and/or unenthusiasm. In fact, your moods are probably downright scary to most folks! I can show you how to cope in situations that others find routine and give you life-long skills in:
  • feigning interest in others,
  • smiling convincingly, and most importantly,
  • showing enthusiasm.
Be the shining star in the boardroom, attract the attention of that certain someone out there, or just get through a weekend with your in-laws. These skills will help you get through almost every situation life throws your way.
Call today and receive a bonus lesson “Pretending to be Joyous” – helpful in church, at weddings, the birth of a baby, and many, many other situations that call for a special kind of enthusiasm.
Why wait another day? The ability to fake happiness is just a phone call away. Don’t delay!

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