Where am I?

Where has karen been?

1. On vacation in Colorado for the 4th of July holiday
2. Planning for teenage boy’s 18th birthday on July 20th
3. Planning parent’s 50th wedding anniversary party
4. Undergoing an ongoing personality adjustment with new antidepressant medication…and while we’re on that subject, here is an excerpt from a strongly-worded letter I penned recently:

Dear GlaxoSmithKline:

I am writing to complain about your medication, Wellbutrin XL. I feel it is extraordinarily misleading to promote your product’s “decreased incidence of sexual side effects” without also mentioning its “increased risk of extreme anxiety and paranoia.” Sure, you mention that it “may cause diarrhea,” but how about letting us know that it “may cause raving psychotic episodes”.

Thanks GlaxoSmithKline! Thanks for pushing back my recovery a full 10 days or more! You suck. Maybe I should just become a Scientologist, like Tom Cruise recommends.

Anyway, that’s pretty much it for now. More later…


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