jurassic ark

Last night ABC World News Tonight aired a report about a guy who’s opened a “museum” that attempts to reconcile a literal interpretation of the Bible with the fossil record. In one exhibit, he shows Noah bringing dinosaurs on board the ark. Wow, I never saw that coming!! This explains everything!!

But seriously, I have a couple of little questions, like if Noah had dinosaurs on the ark, how did he keep the velociraptors from killing all the other animals? Everybody who’s seen Jurassic Park knows that the velociraptor is one crazy ‘mofo, right? Did he have like a special seclusion cage for them? And what about the T Rex? T Rex was a fairly hefty dude, so was the ark even big enough for them? And what about feeding the T Rex?? How did Noah get that much meat on board to feed the T Rex? Did he bring a shitload of beef jerky?

Wow, it was hard enough for me get my little ‘ol brain around the sheer logistics of Noah bringing two of every species on board his ark, but now I have to think about the dinosaurs too??? I’ll have to get back to you on this one.


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