INXS excess

My latest guilty pleasure: Rockstar INXS. It both entertains and repulses me. Entertaining when someone actually sings a song on-key. Repulsed by Dave Navarro’s complicated facial hair and femme-bot Brooke Burke’s “Ain’t I just a cool rock chick” act. Also can’t believe they actually refer to the contestants as “The Rockers”. Dur.

No, I do not watch all 3 shows each week – I only watch the hour-long performance show. And no, I do not care who the hell wins except I don’t want that stupid Deanna to get it cause her voice reminds me of an affected nighclub singer with an overabundance of testosterone. And last night she wore a Jennifer Lopez-like dress that quite liberally showed us exactly how saggy her breasts are. Yucky-poo.

Last night Dave Navarro’s Stupid Comment of the Night came after Mig’s performance of Peter Frampton’s Baby I Love Your Way – “Dude, while you were singing I was just sittin’ here thinking about how much I love my wife.” What kind of stupid shit is that? Oh, did I mention that his wife is CARMEN ELECTRA. Wasn’t she married to Dennis Rodman? Apparently she likes men with complicated facial hair and a multiude of tatoos.

And what does the winner of Rock Star INXS get? They get to be lead singer of a has-been 80s discoesqe pop band whose lead singer, Michael Hutchence died in 1997. I guess the remaining members of the band want to go back out on tour and be rock stars again so they’re choosing their lead singer from a REALITY TV SHOW. Can you say Sell-Out Losers?

Let’s just say this is a show so bad it’s good.


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