venus & the cass county lamentors

The Cass County Lamentors gave a great, if hot, 2-hour show on August 27th at the Bonner Springs Tiblow Days. Having not heard my own cousin sing – ever – I was impressed that someone in our family could actually carry a tune. Venus, I think you must be a throwback to one of our ancient ancestral lines.

Impressing all Texans present (and not present – Tracy, here’s your plug), the Lamentors did a Kinky Friedman song: Sold American. Our own Texas Jewboy is running for Gov of TX and we sincerely hope he’s able to oust “The Hair” – Rick Perry – from the Texas governor’s mansion so we can get somebody in there who isn’t beholdin’ to Dubya.

My favorite song of the afternoon was kd lang’s Down to My Last Cigarette. I’m frankly not sure if she wrote that song, but it’s the version I’m familiar with and Venus did a great job covering it. Ken personally favored their last number, Home on the Range and and one point he was singing along, eyes shut, in reverence to his home state of Kansas. That’s my western Kansas farm boy for ya.

It was a good show, even if Venus, Troy and myself ended up with either the flu or a summer cold the following week.


1 Response to “venus & the cass county lamentors”

  1. 1 Civil War October 24, 2006 at 3:17 am

    Interesting blog…a good read.

    A Cassville Heritage Association member, Cassville, Georgia
    Civil War

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