zombie tidbits

I was walking in the cemetary yesterday, and started thinking about zombies. Here’s the best line from a scary movie: “They’re coming to get you Bar-bara”. Night of the Living Dead. It’s a zombie movie, naturally. I heart zombies. Zombies kick ass. But have you ever noticed that the dumbshit people in zombie movies can’t ever seem to outrun the zombies? If I was being chased by zombies, I would SO totally be able to outrun them.
Here is a great website on how to fight off zombies.
It’s getting close to Halloween, so you might want to brush up on some of these techniques, just in case.

I was watching a Diane Lane movie the other night (A Walk on the Moon, 1999), that had a Joni Mtchell song in it I had never heard before. It was from the Song to a Seagull album (1968), which I had also never listened to. Turns out it’s pretty good. The whole movie had good music in it – they actually played a couple of songs from Surrealistic Pillow, which you NEVER hear. I don’t really like Diane Lane much but she was pretty good in this movie. Maybe it was the New Jersey accent. I could almost pretend it wasn’t really Diane Lane with that accent. Plus she had brown hair. In my opinion, Diane Lane would be one of those actresses that wouldn’t be able to outrun a zombie.

Last but not least.
In the event of a zombie crisis:
1. Find a good man who’s got your back.
2. Always aim for the brain pan.
3. Save a bullet for yourself, dude.


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