Bush’s nomination of self-described “committed conservative” Samual Alita (a.k.a. Sam Scalito, Machine Gun Sammy) for our next Supreme Court judge is scaring little Karen. Not that I think there’s any chance he’ll actually be confirmed (oh gosh, you don’t think it’s possible, do you?), but the possibility is positively frightening.

Anybody remember what it was like before Roe v Wade? Well, Mr. Alito wants to turn back the clock to the good old days of back alley abortions. You know – Women Dying! Women Maimed For Life! No more safe and legal procedures for you horrible She-Devil Harlots! Die! Die!

So, for anyone who needs a refresher, the good people at Wiley Publishing have their newest how-to book ready for release:

Here’s for keeping abortion legal and most of all, safe.


1 Response to “abortionfordummies”

  1. 1 Venus January 12, 2006 at 11:49 am

    Amending the constitution to ensure bigotry, scary isn’t it…

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