brokeback mountain

This is what it looked like at the Dickenson Theater the other night when the preview for Brokeback Mountain came on the screen:

First: Dead silence as the audience began to process the fact that this upcoming cowboy movie wasn’t going to be anything even resembling a John Wayne picture.

Then: Male heads began to swivel back and forth, probably in an attempt to demonstrate to the other males in the audience that they were NOT WATCHING THE PREVIEW.

Then: Much uncomfortable shifting around in seats.

Finally: Uncomfortable twittering.

I tried to convince our warehouse guy to go see the movie by telling him it was a cool new cowboy movie, but he was already wise to the gay theme. I believe his exact words to me were “No way I’m goin’ to see no f***in’ faggot cowboy movie.”

Do you think it’s possible that straight men have some kind of native signal drum system worked out to alert each other?


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