monday’s melancholy topic

I did not attend the superbowl party I was supposed to go to last night. Instead, I stayed home and watched TV shows that were the antithesis of what I have come to refer to as The Big Swinging Dickfest that is Superbowl. First I watched a documentary called Southern Comfort (that was previously on my Netflix list but somehow never got to the top of my queue), which was about a transgendered female-to-male who developed terminal ovarian cancer. Mostly, though, it was about love and intimacy between transgendered couples and afterward, after Michael died, I just sat there and thought a lot about love and its many forms. It was fascinating to me to see these couples where the man used to be a woman and the woman used to be a man. And here they’ve found each other and formed these very close, intimate couple relationships. Then I watched two more episodes of The L Word.Something that I’ve had a lot of trouble communicating to the straight men here, is that being gay or bi or transgendered isn’t about sex, it’s about love. As much as I’m sick of hearing myself say it, things sure were different in Austin – where I had lots of gay friends, both male and female. And even though there were plenty of people there who were averse to homosexuality, it was a LOT more accepted there than it is here. I can’t imagine what it would be like to be gay here in Bubbaland, but I got a glimpse of it in the documentary last night, which takes place in Georgia. These folks were extemely closeted and secretive about themselves, and the only outlet they had was the yearly Southen Comfort convention in Atlanta – which was the annual convention for transgendered individuals. These people LIVED to attend this conference because it was one of the only places where they were totally accepted.What would it be like to live your whole life afraid to reveal who you really are?
Southern Comfort
The man on the right is Robert.  He died.
The woman on the left is Lola, his partner


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