my hair never looked as good as her’s, but she’s dead now…

I walked into my stylist’s salon yesterday wearing my contact lenses ’cause I really like to see the haircutting process – as opposed to being functionally blind with my glasses off – although it is kind of neat to spend a blind, blissful hour in the chair.  Especially when it’s over and I don the specs again and, oh my goodness, my hair actually looks good for a change. 

OK, so the contacts aren’t that great and I always feel somewhat off-balance and weird when wearing them and I can’t see anything close up without putting on reading glasses, which is what I was digging in my bag for as I sat down to catch up on celebrity gossip by reading the requisite salon fare – People magazine.  I do not allow myself to read People magazine unless: 1) I am in a salon, or 2) I am on an airplane.  Just a personal little rule of mine.  I’m actually secretly afraid that actually purchasing a People magazine might lead to harder substances, like watching Entertainment Tonight.

Anyway, I could hear all the stylists gabbering about “Anna this” and “Anna that”, but I wasn’t paying attention because I was trying to find my glasses and get situated, etc.  Later, as Chandra was washing my hair, I said “So what the hell has Anna Nicole Smith done now?” 

And Chandra stepped back, looked at me, and said quite gleefully “She died!” 

Gee, I’d cry except I’m on antidepressants and I can’t.


2 Responses to “my hair never looked as good as her’s, but she’s dead now…”

  1. 1 bob vance - vance refrigeration February 9, 2007 at 6:19 pm

    Poor ANS. It always seemed to me she lived her life like a Tiki Torch in the wind. Never knowing who to latch on to when real life set in. I wouldn’t want to have known her, cause she was a just a kid. Her Tiki Torch burned out long before her Whisky Tango stank ever did.

    Without her, it’s going to be really hard.

    That’s what she said!!!!

  2. 2 observantbystander February 9, 2007 at 6:29 pm

    Gee Bob, it appears you must be a fan of a certain television show that I know and love. And Elton John (Didn’t his Tiki Torch blow out in the late 70s???)

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