overheard in the warehouse

I frequently read a blog called Overhead in NY, where you can read snippets of conversations overhead in the NYC area. It’s hilarious. Yesterday I overhead this conversation right here in our warehouse. Since it wasn’t overhead in the NYC area, I’ll just submit it here…

Employee #1: President’s Day is a totally bogus holiday.
Employee #2: Yeah. They should have a day for us and call it Hard Ass Worker’s Day.
Employee #1: They have one of those already, bitch meat; it’s called Labor Day.
Employee #2: Do we get that one off?
Employee #1: Yeah. Duh.
Employee #2: Oh. Ok then. (thinks awhile)
They really ought think about changing the name to Hard-Ass Worker’s Day.

I concur.


1 Response to “overheard in the warehouse”

  1. 1 C March 1, 2007 at 7:59 pm

    And just to think, these are the people building our homes! (I assume you work in construction?)

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