men are from mars

In which it is proven that men don’t care about the color of our nails:

Me:  “I got some new toenail polish this weekend”
Employee:  “Hey, that reminds me.  Once, I had 3 infected fingernails at the same time.”

I try again later…

Employee: “Hey check out the new lawnmower grille I just got!  Cool, huh?”
Me:  “Sure!  Do you want to see my new toenail polish?”
Employee: “Uh, no”

In case you’re wondering, it’s L’oreal “Smell the Roses”, and it’s spectacular



3 Responses to “men are from mars”

  1. 1 Prison Mike March 14, 2007 at 3:36 pm

    I never read the Mars/Venus book. I don’t know why women were relegated to Venus. It’s hellishly hot there with crushing atmospheric pressure. Mars really isn’t a picnic either though.
    I have two Lawn-boy push mowers that are totally bitchin. I collect them. Would you like to hear more???
    BTW, the fractals on the banner are ginchy.
    The best that you can hope for is a guy that will pretend to be interested in your nail polish, but you in turn have to pretend to be interested in his mowers.
    What does ‘Smell the Roses’ smell like?

  2. 2 observantbystander March 15, 2007 at 5:57 am

    The nail polish has a wonderful chemical-like aroma; nothing like roses at all! Bummer! However, just looking down at my toes makes me think of spring so I guess that’s something.

    If I tried to act interested in lawnmowers, I would also have to pretend to be interested in snakes, sports, and tools. Probably not happening. I am destined to wither away here.

  3. 3 Prison Mike March 15, 2007 at 10:42 am

    No withering! Embrace and celebrate our differences! Yin and Yang, sister woman. Like those black and white tadpoles on that hippyass looking thing everyone used to wear around their neck.
    The concept of contrast is one of my favorite things. Other than raindrops on roses, that is. Open a pic in Photoshop and reduce the contrast. Blandsville. Seewhatimsayin?

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