ann coulter’s mother?

Phyllis Schlafly is at it again.  This country’s most vocal opponent of the Equal Rights Amendment was recently heard at Bates College in Lewiston, Maine, making the following statements:

 “The feminist movement is teaching women to be victims.” She then decried intellectual men as “liberal slobs” and argued that feminism “is incompatible with marriage and motherhood.”

“Women should not be permitted to do jobs traditionally held by men, such as firefighter, soldier or construction worker, because of their inherent physical inferiority.”

And my personal favorite:

“By getting married, the woman has consented to sex, and I don’t think you can call it rape.”

By the way, the speech was sponsored by the Bates College Republicans and made to a packed crowd of 135.   That’s probably a lot of people for Maine.

I’m sure women everywhere are breathing a sigh of relief knowing that forced marital sex isn’t really rape.  “Well he WAS drunk when he knocked me down on the bed and had sex with me against my will, but it’s OK.  We’re married!” 

After visiting Schlafley’s website (and believe me, it was a real challenge for me to go there), it’s easy to get an idea of what she stands for:  No equal rights for women, no rights for immigrants, no teaching evolution in schools, no to global warming (did you know there are actually MORE polar bears now than there were 40 years ago?? And who says global warming’s a problem?), no to gay rights, no to daycare for children, no to working mothers…etc, etc etc.    Interestingly, while reading her article regarding no amnesty for illegals, I notice that she has several ads on the site:  Start Living in Mexico!, Retire in Mexico!, Get Cheap Dental Crowns in Mexico!.  So let’s see – Not OK for Mexicans to come here to do jobs that Americans don’t want, but OK for Americans to exploit the Mexican economy for our own benefit.  I guess that only makes sense if you’re Phyllis Schlafley.

schlafly.jpg          coulterann.jpg

Family resemblance?


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