good friday

What do atheists do on Easter?  Better yet, what do athesits do on any given Sunday?  Well, while the faithful are giving thanks at their preferred place of worship and praying for doomed, lost souls like myself, I am propped in front of my TV, coffee cup in hand, watching political shows and periodically yelling “Fuck you!” at the Republican guests. 

Out of the 4 Sunday morning network shows, I like the pretty boy George Stephenapolous on ABC the best (actually at my house we call him Snuffalufacus, but that’s another story).    On Easter Sunday, he has Mike Huckabee, the Republican gov of Arkansas (George’s -ex-boss’ old job) who is running for President so I’m sure my middle finger will be extended more than a few times.  Not as much as when George Bush is on TV, but plenty of times I’m sure. 

After my cussfest, I’ll get all dressed up to attend the family Easter foodfest where I’ll get to see my favorite cousin in the whole wide world (hi V!).  On Sunday, she is going to tell her mother about her recent experience as an underwear model for a local artist who is entering Fred Flare’s Next Big Thing contest.  

This will be a lot more fun than yelling ephitats at the TV screen.

Happy Bunny Day, all.



2 Responses to “good friday”

  1. 1 V April 9, 2007 at 8:32 am

    To celebrate Easter, in true Pagan form,I went home and watched the 4 hour epic of Hercules on the Sci-Fi channel!

  2. 2 observantbystander April 9, 2007 at 10:06 am

    And I missed it! Hercules could so totally kick Vin Diesel’s ass any day.

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