just another tuesday in paradise

Not much going on in the life of observant these days except the usual change-in-weather migraine and too many strange, complicated dreams of my own which have kept me from sleeping soundly.  The other night I had a dream that I was about to go onstage to sing the lead in a musical, but right before I went on someone told me “you know, you really don’t sing very well.”  Of course after I went onstage, I felt really embarrassed and self-conscious.  Oh, and I also had to dance.  

Segue to another scene where I have an empty coffee cup that contained two tickets to a concert to see an African drum ensemble.  I was really excited to have the tickets to this concert, which was to be in August in Cameroon, until I realized that I’d now have to get myself to Cameroon and find a place to stay.  More anxiety.

Segue to a construction site where a body of a murdered young woman has just been unearthed.  She had been missing for several years.  Somehow this woman started explaining to me that her murderer had cut off her feet – “I tried to run, away from him, then I realized I wasn’t getting anywhere.  I looked down and my feet were gone.  Then he killed me.”

So that was just one night’s dreams.  Welcome to my world.


Two funny things I heard this weekend:

  1. A commercial for an eye specialist:  “We think about retinas all day long so you don’t have to.”     They think about retinas ALL DAY LONG.  Amazing.
  2. A conversation I overheard at the Blockbuster between a mom and her 14-year old son: 

Mom:  “No, that’s not an appropriate movie either, son.”
Son:  “Well what about this one?  It’s Christian.  It only has violence in it.”

OK, yeah.

 Oh, and one other thing – although I don’t watch Dancing With the Stars, I fervently hope that Heather Mills’ leg falls off during one of her dances, because I think that would be an awesome event.  I think it almost did once, but I want it to fall completely off.   I know it’s perverse and sick, but perverse and sick is my middle name (revisit the 3rd part of above dream if you have your doubts).


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