plant care

Our first of April deep freeze, which came after most plants started leafing out, ended up killing a lot of my stuff, man.  And by stuff I don’t mean my pot garden.  By stuff I mean my pretty plants – spireas, hydrangeas, peonies, roses.  This necessitated a restocking trip to Lowe’s yesterday, where I spent way too much money.  The hydrangeas I bought 4 years ago, which died this year, had never bloomed.   Leaves galores, but no pretty pink or blue flowers.  I don’t know why, but I’m leaning towards blaming the plants for being faulty as opposed to blaming my lack of expertise. 

Yesterday, a lady stopped me at Lowes to consult me on my hydrangea purchase because she was trying them for the first time.  I know my hydrangea stuff – add aluminum to the soil for blue flowers, take it away for pink flowers.  Flowers buds grow from the previous year’s canes.  I know ALL about hydrangeas. After verbally exhausting my vast supply of knowledge I noticed  that the lady wasn’t even listening anymore and I realized that I probably sounded like a person with Asperger’s who is fixated on hydrangeas.  I ended the conversation by telling her that in spite of my vast knowledge, my hydrageas had never bloomed. 

She was sure impressed.  Oh yeah baby.

Anyway, $105.00 later, I brought all my stuff home.  Now I have to plant all this crap.  And to think I was just this close to buying into the global warming crisis.  Thanks a lot Al Gore.


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