The best of the Big-O party

10 reasons why the Big-O party was the best joint birthday party ever:

  1. Drinking and not getting embarrassingly drunk
  2. Hugging all my relatives because I was drunk, but not embarrassingly drunk, just lovey-dovey drunk.
  3. Looking at Saturn and the moon through Charlie’s kick-ass telescope, which was probably the biggest hit of the entire evening
  4. Guessing who answered which questions on the Big-O questionairre.
  5. Introducing my friends Andi & Charlie to all my crazy but beloved relatives.
  6. Seeing the looks on my neice’s faces when they realize that Venus’ husband is a hotshot guitar player in a band they’ve seen, and now they’re kicking their own asses because they’ve ditched the last few family events where they could have actually talked to him.
  7. Reaffirmation that there’s at least one cousin in my family I can actually relate to, even if our parents are step-sisters – which means we’re not actually related by blood but are, instead, spirit-cousins.
  8. C & A offering to drive me all the way home, even though it would have meant a 60 mile round trip (with gasoline at $3.29/gallon no less) – just because I wasn’t ready to go home yet.  (I caved and rode home with mumsy and daddy. See #10 below).
  9. Knowing that I have the best family and friends a person could possibly want.
  10. Me, my brother and my parents singing along to my dad’s Merle Haggard CD in the car on the way home and feeling secure in the fact that I wasn’t the only one singing off-key.

1 Response to “The best of the Big-O party”

  1. 1 V- May 22, 2007 at 9:08 am

    That was a blast! Thanks for organizing it and suppling the Mojitos. It was great to meet Prison Mike and Andie. The stargazing was fascinating. Email me your address please, so I can send you the book. Thanks Again!

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