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Good morning, my lovlies! snow_route.jpgHere’s hoping everyone had a peaceful Christmas season. Your comments have been received via email (as WordPress is so kind to do) and are much appreciated. Many brought tears to my eyes (~m, are you listening?).

I want to share a bit about what’s going on in my life:  My dad is feeling so much better.  His lung capacity is at 50% and he’s been put on Spiriva.  He also did a sleep study for his sleep apnea and is now waiting for Medicare to authorize his CPAP machine.  His spirits are really high and he seems to have gained a different perspective on life lately.  He actually calls me on the phone once in awhile (this, from a hands-off dad who usually depends on mom to relay any and all information), just to say hi or to tell me about something he’s seen on the news.  He called me on Christmas morning to tell me how much he liked the essay I read to the family on Christmas Eve.  “It brought tears to my eyes” he said. 

This sentimentality from my gruff ol’ dad is kind of freaking me out (but I like it anyway).

Ken and I are struggling with a very personal issue regarding our relationship – which is why I have taken a hiatus from writing lately.  We’re very committed to each other, though, and have started seeing a couples therapist to work through things.   After almost 9 mostly happy years together, I can’t imagine NOT trying to work things out. 

Our mutual sense of humor has certainly served us well lately, and although I’m wading through one of the worst depressive episodes of my life, Ken regularly steps up to absorb the tears and to do what most men find horrifying:  Talk about our relationship.  

Unfortunately, our troubles came at the same time as my dad’s illness, the upcoming holidays, my son moving back home, Ken’s mother’s medical crisis (she was hospitalized recently but is now home), and dealing with our rather large home addition plans.  Add a heavy workload to the mix and it’s a recipe for sensory overload. Thank you Xanax! Without you, I’d be a REAL mess!

It’s been snowing a lot lately and the weather matches my mood.   I could easily sleep for days, like one of those people with Kleine-Levin Syndrome, but life goes on and I get up each morning to face it.  Things will work out because they always do.

I’ll be posting my Best of 2007 List next week.  Ha!  Not that it makes your life more meaningful, but it gives me a chance to arrogantly display my eclectic music/movie/book tastes to the entire world!  I’ll also be making my rounds to your blogs during the next few days.  I’ve missed you all very much. 

Thanks for hanging in here with me.


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