The Human Stain

The title is lifted from a Philip Roth novel about a writer who is accused of making an unfortunate racial slur. It’s also a perfect description of the way I feel about Donald Trump, a man who represents every ugly stereotype he hurls at others.  A man who heaps disdain, racial slurs and insults on every ethnic group in our country, then turns around and calls his opponent a racist.  A man who lies every time he opens his mouth, uses deception in all of his dealings, and tricks his supporters into thinking he’s someone he’s not – yet describes all of his opponents as lying, deceitful and weak people.  He’s a master of projection and trickery and has convinced a lot of people into believing that he means what he says.  This man cannot be our next President.  I have never felt this way about a Republican candidate for President – and I’ve been a political junkie since I was 10 and had pictures of Bobby Kennedy hanging up in my bedroom alongside Tiger Beat photos of Bobby Sherman.  I was dismayed when Nixon was elected (twice), disappointed when Reagan was elected (twice) and incense when Bush was elected (twice).  But there is no comparison to the way I feel about Trump.

It is unbelievable to me how low we have sunk as a nation.  The news media treats us like infants who can only comprehend sound bites and only if they’re wrapped up as entertainment.  The thoughtful, insightful and well researched article published by Newsweek (this week) regarding Trump’s tangled, international web of business dealings was ignored – even though it raises real, legitimate questions about his ability to operate with world leaders in an unbiased way.  Trump’s answer to how he would avoid a conflict of interest was to state that he would put his business into a blind trust run by his children.  This is not the definition of a blind trust but he probably thinks Americans are too stupid to know that.  I shudder to think that he’s not aware of what a blind trust is, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

Instead of the media talking about this real, potential conflict of interest, we are bombarded with “stories” about Trump’s appearance on Dr. Oz (who is referred to as a quack by his peers at Columbia University), Hillary’s pneumonia, Jimmy Fallon messing up Donald’s hair on live TV, whether Hillary smiles enough, or any number of dumbed down reports the media thinks we can stay tuned for.

I blame the Kardashians for this mess…

When Trump lies, it’s never called a lie. It’s called “stretching the truth” or a “misstatement”.  This man, who lies about everything, is never, ever called out on it.  You will never see the words “he lied” in the New York Times or the Washington Post or on ABC/NBC/CBS.  Why are they afraid to say that about the man who lies every day?

I don’t (can’t) believe this man will actually be elected President of the United States. How could such a thing even be possible?  All of the work done over the past 50 years in the areas of civil rights, abortion rights, women’s rights – all of the hard-fought work we ALL have done – will be hobbled.  I really believe this.   I often feel as if I need to reassure my children that this isn’t the way things are supposed to work and have never worked in the past.  That we used to have civil discourse on things we don’t agree on. That we used to at least present a semblance of honesty in our Presidential campaigns. That we have never had a Human Stain for a candidate before.

It’s crazy out there, my friends. Thanks for listening.



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