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Waiting for the thaw

Monday in the middle of winter. 
Spent the previous weekend drinking to excess and sleeping a lot.
Typical winter activities.

Started the morning off with some Amy Winehouse (how appropriate), moved on to Etta James, then to United We Funk’s live album recorded in Detroit.  Currently on the player – Christina Aguilera. 

I’m in a Neo-Soul kind of mood today.
Did I mention it’s winter and I’m restless?

I’m vowing not to talk about politics here, due to the personal nature of everyone’s opinions. That said, I’m currently very pleased with the outcomes of the elections so far. Seems my master plan to install a puppet government that will do only my bidding is working.

In my quest to see every single Oscar-nominated movie for Best Picture, I’ve been drowning in serious cinema.  Alas, my next Netflix movie is The Assassination of Jesse James… What I need now is a comedic dork-fest of movies to lighten things up. Perhaps it’s time to pull out my Christopher Guest stash.

I just spent the last two weeks teaching myself how to crochet. I can’t think of anything actually useful I can do with this skill except make an afghan, which would probably end up looking like something a clumsy second-grader with poor hand-eye coordination would crochet. Anyway, it’s something to do in front of the TV, as I watch the increasingly bad selection of reality programming being foisted on us.

I’m glad the writer’s strike is finally over, but it’ll be awhile before they pull the latest revival of American Gladiator off the air. And none too soon, either.

In the meantime, winter marches on, as I drink heavily and crochet my way through skein after skein of worsted, making nothing in particular, watching some of the worst TV ever produced, waiting for spring.



Good morning, my lovlies! snow_route.jpgHere’s hoping everyone had a peaceful Christmas season. Your comments have been received via email (as WordPress is so kind to do) and are much appreciated. Many brought tears to my eyes (~m, are you listening?).

I want to share a bit about what’s going on in my life:  My dad is feeling so much better.  His lung capacity is at 50% and he’s been put on Spiriva.  He also did a sleep study for his sleep apnea and is now waiting for Medicare to authorize his CPAP machine.  His spirits are really high and he seems to have gained a different perspective on life lately.  He actually calls me on the phone once in awhile (this, from a hands-off dad who usually depends on mom to relay any and all information), just to say hi or to tell me about something he’s seen on the news.  He called me on Christmas morning to tell me how much he liked the essay I read to the family on Christmas Eve.  “It brought tears to my eyes” he said. 

This sentimentality from my gruff ol’ dad is kind of freaking me out (but I like it anyway).

Ken and I are struggling with a very personal issue regarding our relationship – which is why I have taken a hiatus from writing lately.  We’re very committed to each other, though, and have started seeing a couples therapist to work through things.   After almost 9 mostly happy years together, I can’t imagine NOT trying to work things out. 

Our mutual sense of humor has certainly served us well lately, and although I’m wading through one of the worst depressive episodes of my life, Ken regularly steps up to absorb the tears and to do what most men find horrifying:  Talk about our relationship.  

Unfortunately, our troubles came at the same time as my dad’s illness, the upcoming holidays, my son moving back home, Ken’s mother’s medical crisis (she was hospitalized recently but is now home), and dealing with our rather large home addition plans.  Add a heavy workload to the mix and it’s a recipe for sensory overload. Thank you Xanax! Without you, I’d be a REAL mess!

It’s been snowing a lot lately and the weather matches my mood.   I could easily sleep for days, like one of those people with Kleine-Levin Syndrome, but life goes on and I get up each morning to face it.  Things will work out because they always do.

I’ll be posting my Best of 2007 List next week.  Ha!  Not that it makes your life more meaningful, but it gives me a chance to arrogantly display my eclectic music/movie/book tastes to the entire world!  I’ll also be making my rounds to your blogs during the next few days.  I’ve missed you all very much. 

Thanks for hanging in here with me.

weather & TV don’t mix

(**Note:  due to the tragic tornadoes that took the lives of people in Georgia and Alabama, I hesitated about posting this entry today.  However, I wrote it yesterday,  before learning of the devastation there. This in no way reflects my feelings about the horror they must have experienced…)

“If you don’t like the weather now, wait a few minutes”

We said that all the time in Texas, and we say it all the time here in the lovely Midwest too.  Wednesday night: Storms! Tonadoes! Hail! Lightning! Lost was pre-empted!  For weather reports!  Yes, I missed my Wednesday night “Lost” fix, due to the weatherpeople’s desire to keep people in the southern part of the viewing area abreast of the tornado activity.  However (and this important, so pay attention) I don’t live in the southern part of the viewing area.  Grrrr.  So why should their problems concern ME?  Of course, if the tornado activity had been in my part of the viewing area, I would totally want the ENTIRE MIDWEST to have a minute-by-minute update on my well-being, and I would want all local and cable programming pre-empted (naturally). 

I kept watching the local ABC affiliate, hoping they would bring my show back on, but ended up switching over to Forensic Files at 9:30.  When in doubt, turn on a true-crime show – that’s what I always say.

Thursday it snowed.  And it’s cold (again).  Let’s see:  58 and stormy one day, 31 and snowing the next day. 

Anna Nicole still hasn’t been buried and I’m wondering if they’re just going to wait until she turns into a skeleton, then divide her up between all the interested parties so they can do whatever they want with her.  (Sorry ’bout that, my brain just slipped into some weird stream of consciousness thing for a sec.  Must be the weather). 

Now for something completely different:  If you are remotely interested in what I’m reading and/or listening to, I have added those links at the top of the page  – which I just learned how to do.  Amazing what one can discover just be reading the instructions.  If I can actually remember to update those pages, you can feel as if you actually have your finger on the pulse of ME.  Figuratively speaking, of course.  Aren’t you the lucky one?

an open letter to winter

Dear Winter,

I realize that this is your allotted time of the year to regale us with cold and snow and northerly winds.  I am also painfully aware that you have approximately 40 more days left in your present tenure.  Forty more days of coat and glove wearing; forty more days of cold and flu season; forty more days of shivering on the front porch to smoke cigarettes.  However, I am here to tell you that everyone is sick of you.  We were all under the impression that we had spewed out enough CO2 into the atmosphere to render your sorry ass unable to make winter anymore.  So what happened?  Huh?  Are you so pissed off that you decided to teach us all a lesson?  Is this why you cursed us with freezing rain and snow, and then left the temperatures below freezing for weeks at a time, – thus keeping anything from melting?  

There are two adults, two cats and one dog in my household and we are sick of being cooped up together.  The one dog and one cat are so bored they’ve taken to mercilessly stalking the old, infirm lady cat for pure sport; making her crazier than ever.  She’s now about as reclusive and unfriendly as a bag lady.  I’ve spent so many hours lying on the couch in front of the TV, covered up with two fleece blankets, it’s beginning to look like I’ve grown a cocoon.  Unfortunately, instead of emerging in the spring as a beautiful butterfly, I’m liable to look more like a big ol’ pupae – fat and white and without definition.  Ken and I have both stopped shaving and the only foods we crave are bread and potatoes.

Yes, winter, this is what you’ve done to us.  So on behalf of most of the people in the USA, I am here, at your feet, to beg for a break.  Give as a reason to unwind the blankets from  our bodies and get off the couch.   Give my old lady cat her life back.   And please, for God’s sake, give us all a reason to shave again.


tropical dream

It is the dead of winter here in The Midwest which means there’s been snow on the ground since the beginning of January, the temperatures haven’t gotten above freezing for weeks, and I’m suffering from the worst case of depression since 2004. Everyone is irritable and sleepy all the time, and there’s so much static electricity in my super-flat hair that I’m afriad I’m going to self-combust at any moment. Which would be fine with me at this point.However, a co-worker related a phone conversation he had with his wife this morning that actually brought a smile to my dry, cracked face:

She: Honey, are you going to mow tonight?

He: Nope.

She: OK then, do we have enough propane to cook dinner outside?

He: I doubt it.

She: OK, then, could you stop on the way home to pick up some pool chemicals?

He: Dammit, honey, how many times do I have to remind you: We live on the beach, we use a firepit to cook in, and pool chemicals pollute the ocean.

She: Oh, I keep forgetting. OK, I’ll probably be home early tonight.

He: Well, just don’t stop at any of those damn beach vendors on your way home again. You’ve got enough of that cheap-ass jewelry to decorate a street whore.

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